Sunday Jan 31, 2021

Episode 19_ What Does A Professional Educator Look Like? Part Two.

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In today’s episode, I finish up asking some of my education students the big question: “what does a professional educator look like?” 

As you recall, I had my students, in their first ever education class, consider the dispositions necessary to be a professional educator. Then, in groups, they created posters, with stick figures embellished to show how these dispositions might look in an ideal teacher.

Remember, for many of these students, this poster presentation was their first time talking about education in front of others. I’m thankful they agreed to allow me to record this for the podcast at the time.

So, from those who had recently left school…what does a professional educator look like?

As we navigate having to teach, learn, and parent in multiple modalities caused by a global pandemic, I can’t but help to notice how often these students pointed out that teachers needed to be flexible, organized, and caring. Even in the beforetimes, and, if you are listening to this in the future, after the pandemic is over, you would agree that these are key dispositions for all educators to possess.

My colleagues in the Edjacent collaborative are focusing on issues of professionalism, and the many expectations thrust upon teachers as a result of systemic, personal, societal, or administrative pressures influencing the profession. As many of us will attest, there is no “one answer” to the question of what a professional educator looks like.  The word “professional” is a term often used to place pressure on educators, when in reality the field has been slowly and systematically deprofessionalized. How the next generation of teachers embrace their status will be key. 

This is definitely a topic that we will revisit in the future…


But until then,

That was Episode 19 of the Teachers Teatime Podcast.

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