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A podcast of stories for and about teachers, teaching, students, and everyone who ever went to school.

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Saturday Jan 18, 2020

Saturday Jan 18, 2020

Teacher's Teatime Podcast - Trailer
A podcast of stories for, of,  and about teachers, teaching, students, education, and anyone who has ever been in a school.
We've all been to school. Some of us for longer than others (I'm in my 43rd year of education if you count my time as a student).  We all have stories to tell and share. I want to hear them.
This podcast aims to be a short (20 minute) podcast of stories about anything to do with schools, schooling and higher education. I could share some of mine, but I want to hear stories from everyone else. Everyone has a school story to share. Whether you are an educator, a student, or a parent, I'm pretty certain you can tell a story or two...
Right now, we a collecting stories on the following topics:
1) Why do I teach?
2) My favorite teacher. 
3) I want to say thanks.
4) Epic fails.
5) That was unusual. 
6) When meetings go bad. 
7) Parent conferences with a twist.
8) Administration said what?
9) Getting out of a sticky situation.
10) Things that are better left for an email. 
If you have a story you want to share please send an email to:
Please put the topic number and title in the email header. 
My intention is for every contribution to make it "on air". Nothing gets wasted and all stories are worth telling. 
If demand has it, we will also have an educational "agony" column - "Dear Dr. D....".  Working on the premise that a problem shared is a problem halved, we want to hear your problems and your solutions too. Of course, anonymity will be respected. 
Please send in suggestions for topics you would like for me to add to the list. As well as anything else you want to hear about. There are lots of excellent education podcasts sharing good practice, discussing research, addressing trends and issues. We could do that, but I'd rather hear stories about the people in our classrooms. 
So put the kettle on, sit back, take a short break and listen to stories about what really happens in schools. 
The Teacher's Teatime Pod will be available at all respectable podcatchers. Listen to the trailer here


Welcome to the Teacher's Teatime Podcast.

This podcast is about, by, and for anyone who has ever had anything to do with schools and education. That’s probably almost everybody.

We are proud to be a member of Edjacent, a design collaborative made up of educators who dream of a better world for our students and their teachers by connecting educators to their legacy. Learn more at

I have a mug of tea ready.  So, let’s sit back, relax, and get on with the show.

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